Well, my thoughts ran more along the lines of...

sfx: a slow, irregular bassbeat, with high-pitched whining, whirring and clicking noises playing counterpart

cut to a narrow, dark green passageway, with soft, pulsating walls. Our heroine, space trooper Doe Rogers, is slowly crawling towards the camera, squeezing and squirming herself through the narrowest parts. She's wearing a battered, torn and dirty spacesuit, and her dirty, bruised face sports a cut over the left eyebrow, from which blood still trickles. In one hand she has a Maglite [product placement], the beam from which plays over the slimy, dripping walls. In the other hand a Leatherman Tool [product placement], the blade thrust forward.

As she is slowly crawling forwards, the camera moves upwards, following her as she moves under it and then away, (This scene was intended to insure the movie would be an instant hit among teenage boys, but the lead actress refused to wear the skimpy, tight top and shorts the producers had envisioned, and so the audience is given the less sexy sight of her firm buttocks crawling away in a bulky spacesuit.)

cut to a shot just over her head, as she approaches an opening from which a sickly green light comes. She turns the head of the Maglite [product placement], narrowing the beam, and takes a deep breath.

cut to a larger, cavelike room. In the middle there's a vat from which the green light comes.

sfx: The chittering noises grow louder.

The camera zooms in on a small opening near the floor, where we can see the shaded face of Doe, then turns to show a large opening, where the Hyapatian queen can be seen, attended by her mindless worker drones. She slithers slowly to the edge of the vat, then the drones lifts her up and let her sink into the slime. It splashes.

Cut to the face of Doe as she is hit by the swell of green, glowing slime. She wipes her eyes, and swears silently.


As the queen settles in the slime, her swollen abdomen begins to rattle, and after a moment she starts to spurt offspring out. The worker drones are busy picking them up and present them to the queen before carrying them away.

Fade to retrospective shot of Doe at home, hugging her little daughter.

"Promise you come back soon, mum?"

"I promise, pumpkin. You'll just be with granny in Seattle for a month, then I'll be back."

Close up of Doe's face as she swallows. With a surprising show of acting ability, she manages to convey a sense of shared maternity with the Hyapatian queen, before her expression hardens.

Fade to retrospective shot - taken from the beginning of the movie - of the interior of the shuttle. Lt Commander Doe Rogers in the command chair, looking at the communicator display with a grief stricken face. Muffled, the voice of Supreme Commander J.T Church comes through the speaker.

"... Seattle is completely wiped out by the attack. I'm sorry, Doe, but you and your crew is all that stands between us and annihilation."

Close up of Doe's face again, as she inspects the Leatherman [product placement] blade. The green lights glints ominously on the edge. We see her tense.

Shot of the birthing vat. Doe is carefully squirming forward. As she is completely free, she is spotted by a drone who starts to chirp and gesticulates. Soldier drones comes in through the entrance and darts forward, as Doe plunges towards the side of the vat. She kicks the head off the first soldier even as she sinks the blade into the wall of the vat.

Close up of the Leatherman [product placement] blade as it penetrates the soft wall, and slime starts trickling out

Zoom out: Another soldier catches her leg and starts pulling her away, but she lets herself fall towards the floor, pulling the blade with her. The whole wall of the vat bursts, and the slime covers Doe.

The queen: as the pressure of the birthing vat slime disappears, her abdomen starts to expand, and with a final chirping noise, she explodes.

sfx: boom

The moment the queen dies, all drones stop moving. Doe rises on shaky legs, and wipes the slime from her face. She spits.

"Now that's a caesarean!"

Quickly cut scenes of Doe crawling, running and walking through the Hyapatian ship, then the interior of the shuttle where she straps herself down in her seat. She flicks switches, presses buttons and does a lot of impressive technological stuff. She is exhausted, and badly hurt. She cries silently as the shuttle starts to move.

The shuttle accelerates away from the mothership which starts to explode (no explanation needed, it's just an impressive fireworks display). Earth is coming into view, and the shuttle heads for the west coast of North America. Doe's voice over the communicator.

"Commander Church? They're all dead."

"Doe, is that you? What do you mean, all dead?"

"The crew..."


"the hyapatians..."

"... what?"

"...my daughter..."

"Doe! Listen to me!"

"They're all dead..."

"Doe, your daughter is alive!"

"... all dead..."

"Doe, she's alive! She and your mother was visiting Disneyland when the attack came. They're both okay!"

"She's alive?"

"Yes, she's alive. And you have saved humanity! You'll come back as a hero!"

Cut to interior of the moon station, where the assembled movie critics of Earth all raises their hands. Egbert looks around, then clears his throat.

"It's unanimous, then."

Close up of his finger as he presses a big red button.

Shot of the shuttle as it blows up

sfx: Impressive orchestral music.


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