The Tale of Westala and Villtin
By Örjan Westin and Marco Villalta, introduction by ppint
Edited by Elin Rosén

Episode Index

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


Episode Index

Chapter One

Episode One - ppint
In which food is offered and a tale is begun

Episode Two - Örjan
In which our heroes arrives at the city gates and makes a new acquaintance

Episode Three - Marco
In which a gate is forced with the use of a cutting argument

Episode Four - Örjan
In which old friends reunite under the sign of a falling rodent

Episode Five - Marco
In which one of our heroes shows a certain weakness and jokes are told

Episode Six - Örjan
In which we meet a seller of fine goods and funds are procured

Episode Seven - Marco
In which a wind of change passes through the city and villains are revealed

Episode Eight - Örjan
In which fighting occurs and a doctor is sought out

Episode Nine - Marco
In which Westala meets a lady friend and Villtin meets another

Chapter Two

Episode 9 3/4 - Graycat
In which breakfast is served and corrections are made

Episode Ten - Örjan
In which a Quest is presented and accepted

Episode Eleven - Marco
In which our heroes reunite and questions are asked

Episode Twelve - Örjan
In which moves are made and a cat appears

Episode Thirteen - Marco
In which our heroes begin a rescue

Episode Fourteen - Örjan
In which our heroes clean up their act and the company grows

Episode Fifteen - Marco
In which plans are made and similarities discussed

Episode Sixteen - Örjan
In which there is more planning, trimming and pie

Chapter Three

Episode Seventeen - Marco
In which a painting is admired and it is found out whether rodents can actually dance

Episode Eighteen - Örjan
In which bricks and sticks and straw is discussed and found to have qualities hitherto unsuspected

Episode Nineteen - Marco
In which a journey begins and mustelids are abroad

Episode Twenty - Örjan
In which the fellowship of the... thing... delves deep

Chapter Four

Episode Twenty 1/2 - Örjan
In which the fellowship is parted and the story is braided

Episode Twenty-one - Marco
In which the plot widens

Episode Twenty-one 1/2 - Marco
In which the fellowship reaches their goal en-masse.

Episode Twenty-two - Örjan
In which the staff of the villain reason over dinner.

Episode Twenty-two 1/3 - Örjan
In which there is much talking. With bells on.

Episode Twenty-two 2/3 - Örjan
In which distrust is displayed and Capulette makes a discovery

Chapter Five

Episode Twenty-three - Marco
In which a whole lotta crumbling's going on

Episode Twenty-four - Örjan
In which a treasure is found

Episode Twenty-four 1/3 - Örjan
In which swordswomen meet and a trick is played

Episode Twenty-four 2/3 - Örjan
In which knots are tied and a sorceror descends

Episode Twenty-five - Marco
In which friends are reunited and their foes awakened

Episode Twenty-six - Örjan
In which ballistic cabbage is distributed energetically

Episode Twenty-seven - Marco
In which smells are smelled, songs are sung and fights are fought

Episode Twenty-eight - Örjan
In which enemies are dealt with and the company fed.

Episode Twenty-nine - Marco
In which there is a massive build-up.

Episode Twenty-nine 1/2 - Marco
In which we finally reach the climax.

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